What is Cymatics?

Cymatics (from Greek: κῦμα “wave”) is the study of sound and vibration made visible, by placing particles or liquids on a thin membrane or plate surface. Frequency is run through the plate, creating patterns in the medium. The patterns change corresponding to different frequencies.

Cymatics shows us what is happening to the water in our bodies when the cells are exposed to different frequencies. The theory is that with the right set of frequencies, coupled with love and intention, as we can also see in Dr. Emoto‘s work showing how energies such as music and love affect water, we can restore harmony and therefore the health and function of living, water-based organisms.

The apparatus employed can be simple, such as the ancient Chinese spouting bowl, or Chinese singing fountain, in which copper handles are rubbed and cause the copper bottom elements to vibrate. Other examples are a Chladni Plate or advanced such as the CymaScope, a laboratory instrument that makes visible the inherent geometries within sound and music.

Cymatics can also be described as making sound visible.

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