Interview with Dr. Fred Grover

Fred Grover Jr. M.D. FAAFP
Integrative, Functional, Anti-Aging and Wellness-Oriented Primary Care

Looking for deeper answers to sound healing, I decided to interview internationally recognized sound therapist, musician and author Kimba Arem from Boulder, Colorado. Her preferred tools include overtone rich indigenous instruments such the quartz crystal didjeridu she designed, four-chamber and other indigenous flutes, waterphone, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls. She was naturally drawn to the didjeridu after a near death experience in 1992, and found that it transformed her life, as well as the many others she has since touched with the ancient sound.

Fred: How do you heal others with sound?
Kimba: “When I’m playing an instrument, I’m actually intending to create a field of resonance to stimulate the individual to access their own healing ability.” She feels the didjeridu is an extension of the instrument of her body– with the Spirit/breath and prayerful intention guiding the sound. As her hero St. Francis of Assisi said, “Make me an instrument of peace.”
“When I play the didjeridu, I feel connected to all of creation, and can extend my breath/Spirit and intention it through it to help others. I let the sound flow through me, through the circular breath, letting go of ego, and allow it to connect to unity consciousness… which I feel is part of the Gaian planetary supermind.” Like her dear friend and colleague, Jonathan Goldman, she knows that having the right intention is key. The intentions of status or monetary gain have no place in this benevolent field.

Fred: Do you feel there is an element of sonic entrancement or entrainment that occurs?
Kimba: “Yes, through the vibration of sound, a field-like effect can be created and shared with others. Especially with the drone/OM-like sound of the didjeridu. Sound can be like a midwife, shifting brainwave patterns, re-structuring the water in the body, and helping to facilitate major transformative processes, such as a shifting in consciousness, birthing, dying, or just letting go of old patterns and ways of being.”

Fred: Ok, so how does the geometry of sound heal?
Kimba: “Just as water can be structured by sound and energy. so can we. In the movie Secret of Water that I scored and co-produced (, Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated how water can be restructured by sound in favorable or unfavorable ways. He showed that water can be energetically enhanced as it flows down a mountain waterfall, but loses it’s symmetrical geometry as it flows through city pipes or is exposed to negativity and toxic elements. Sound with intentional healing frequencies can help water crystalize in more intricate, sacred geometric shapes. Water in the human body can be physically restructured by sound, providing another level of coherence and healing. Just as snowflakes all have unique shapes, each of us is also a unique vibratory being, so different sounds will affect each of us in unique ways.”

Fred: It seems logical that singing bowls, didjeridu, mantra music, classical music, etc. can be healing, but what about rock music?
Kimba: “Yes some forms of rock music can be healing when there’s positive intention and harmony. However those that project rage, hatred, and disharmonious sounds may be harmful to health. Plants will grow in the opposite direction of speakers projecting such music. We can deduce that not all sound is symmetrical, coherent, geometrical and harmonious.”
An example of rock music with harmonious geometry is Sting’s “Fragile,” seen seen growing beautiful geometrical crystals in Secret of Water.
Kimba also feels that “when we hear harmony, we also feel it in our hearts. It’s interesting that the word ‘ear’ is in the middle of the word heart. And is the first three letters in Earth.”

Fred: Recent studies have suggested that dolphin communication may be a 3-D holographic type communication, and even sonographic, allowing them to see a fetus in a pregnant dolphin…
Kimba: “Yes they are producing and interpreting complex sound structures. Perhaps they have a more advanced, less atrophied pineal gland that gives them greater perception of these sound geometries as well. They also seem to be able to project sound healing to other beings in need, too.”

Fred: Are there certain tonal values, or notes that may balance chakras?
Kimba: “I don’t think it is well established, which notes affect various chakras. It’s not as simple as that. Every individual likely resonates a chakra level with a unique note or tone, just as each of us has a unique vibratory frequency. One way to visualize this is with the analogy of the light spectrum. We’re all like pure white light that’s been fractionated into the color of the rainbow. In essence we are the white light, but in the third dimension we seem to have energy body layers such as emotional, mental, physical, or even the chakras seem to be separate colors/vibrations… and time seems to be linear as well. In the higher dimensions these things are not perceived as separate colors or chakras or bodies… or even separate moments in time. But here in 3D, we experience them as we do.
Just like the chakras, our organs and cells each have a unique resonate frequency. So which sound goes with which chakra will be unique to the individual. Socrates said that if you study the monochord (a single note), you will discover the secrets of the universe. Therefore. any single one note can be directed anywhere in the body, and our intention can also help direct where it needs to go…”

Kimba continued: “Sound as medicine is infinitely complex… there are no masters… the mastery of the work is about showing up, being fully present in service to another, with a very thin ego membrane… and therefore being the messenger of the sound. Then the transfer of vibrational energy is pure. Essentially it is about getting out of the way to let the sound do the work.”

Fred: Perhaps our work is to synthesize our modern knowledge of sound healing, cymatics and consciousness with that of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and others.
Kimba: “Yes, consciousness is vibration, and when consciousness is structured into geometric patterns, it’s coherent. As we see in cymatics, one vibration causes a complex geometrical pattern, but as it starts to increase in frequency the geometrical pattern dissipates into chaos, until the next nodal point is reached, and a new geometry emerges– more complex and coherent. Similarly right now, it seems that our collective consciousness is shifting frequencies and we are ‘between geometries’, so to speak, so the times seem quite chaotic. It is currently not coherent, because the new more complex geometry of consciousness has not established itself. But as we continue to increase in frequency on the planet (and by the way, all of the planets in our solar system are ‘heating up’ or increasing in frequency)… we will soon see a new, more complex and harmonious geometry emerge.”

Fred: Do you hope for a group consciousness that is coherent, and trending towards a state of oneness?
Kimba: “Yes, I have seen for some time that the new level of coherence on Gaia is the group mind geometry collective, or unity consciousness. I have experienced moments of this a number of times in groups– and felt each time that these were previews of the next stage of humanity’s evolution. Like bees, which operate as a collective organism in service to the planet, we too can link our consciousness in co-creative oneness. Bees create hexagonal shapes in their honeycomb, which is the same pattern in the heart field, and the geometry of water and space (as my friend Nassim Haramein outlines in his work). They are displaying the flower of life geometry as a supermind.”

Fred: Interesting, perhaps humans can achieve supermind capabilities if they can connect to this group/universal consciousness to expand beyond the limit of our limited human brain. I feel the consciousness pot is being stirred, and many are beginning to resonate with the group mind collective. Do you feel that sound therapy and healing may help catalyze coherency in humans?
Kimba: “Yes… and since my near-death experience in 1992, I have been directed as my life’s calling to use sound and vibration as tools to help create group geometry and enable us to reach more coherent states.”

Fred: I’m concerned about the recent major drops in our bee population perhaps related to incoherent wireless noise from cell phone towers, global warming, shifts in Schumann frequency (earth electromagnetic field) viral threats, etc. This wireless noise alone, must be effecting all living organisms in our ecosystem making it more difficult for us to become coherent as well. What’s your insight on this?
Kimba: “Well it is worrisome. Our biology perhaps hasn’t evolved to the point to adapting to the onslaught of new frequencies being introduced at this time. But the more we can connect and ground into the field of our planet, such as walking barefoot in nature, meditating, etc., the better we can maintain biological coherence. We are electrical beings, and if we do not allow ourselves to discharge the static (oxidation) that builds up in our systems, we get out of balance. We here on Earth are on our planetary spaceship, our mother Gaia, and she is on a journey of transformation. If we want to go on this evolutionary journey with her and if we are not connected to the web of symbiotic life here, disharmony may arise.”

Fred: Perhaps a combination of immersing ourselves in nature, mindfulness, sound, spirituality and other strategies will keep us on the path. It’s difficult to determine if the rising Schumann frequency (earth electromagnetic field) may help accelerate coherence, or create more irritability in our energy field, leading to more wars etc. The Schumann frequency has been increasing from it’s typical average of 7.8 to 15 in recent year. Do you feel our so-called junk DNA is being activated as we go through this positive transformation?
Kimba: “Yes, I feel that the frequencies flooding on the planet now are activating dormant codings in our DNA and are increasing the rate of consciousness evolution for sure. It is like stimulating a birthing process on the level of consciousness. That is why sound can be helpful… it can be the midwiving tool to help make the process smoother and more harmonious. Birth happens, midwife or not… but with the right tools the process can be joyful, even ecstatic.”

Fred: It’s refreshing to see the new studies that refute the Darwinian theory that it can take generations to see adaptation. Now we know that a finch can modify his/her beak on the fly during an existing lifetime to adjust to available seeds and survive. One doesn’t have to die and let the strongest survive. I’m sure we can favorably activate our DNA if we pay attention to epigenetic and nutrigenomic modifiers within our control. Another words, if we can maintain a healthier lifestyle and nutrition, we can enhance our DNA health and our longevity.