Here were some lovely letters recently that touched my heart with such gratitude…

“Hi Kimba,

You have been on my mind recently, as I may have set the world record for hours spent listening to your healing CD. It’s my go-to CD whenever the blues start getting me down. Alas, I may be wearing it out through constant handling, as it coughs and stops unless I use new batteries in my player. I also have your Peace Journey CD, and I love that one as well.

A week or so ago, feeling the effects of age (81) and my wife’s dementia and needing to boost my spirits, I thought of your contribution to my well-being. As I probably mentioned before, your music expands the possibilities of life for me. When earthly concerns narrow my outlook, thirty minutes with your music opens it up with intimations of a larger, richer, more mysterious world. Gracias, gracie merci, danke, thanks.

Your new CD arrived Monday PM, and I played it Tuesday AM. I was eager to listen and was doing so with attention when suddenly I realized I had just heard the final notes of the CD. I looked at the clock and an hour had passed, although I had heard only 8 or 10 minutes of the CD. Wow, I thought, what happened? Apparently, my consciousness went on a trip, as I did not feel drowsiness coming on or any twilight zone shift in my attention to the music, noticing only how relaxed I felt.

This morning I repeated the experience,except I was some 25-30 minutes into the piece, paying attention to the different instruments and the nature sounds, before I realized that I had once again traveled elsewhere for a good part of the CD. I do get sleepy during the day and often nap, usually around 3 or 4 PM, but I listen to your CD when I am alert and eager, around 7 AM. Somehow this all makes the CD even more fascinating. Although I haven’t heard the whole CD in my brain as yet, I think my soul has had two good hours of nurture.

Probably other of your clients have similar experiences, and in any case it’s quite a ride.

Blessings to you. You have enriched my inner life.”
— Bill


Your music is wonderful and inspiring. In my massage treatments everything flows into each other and it creates a timeless atmosphere.

I like music that is timeless, so I press the button “repeat all” and the music is there throughout the day. Time no longer exists and everything is present.

In my view, this presence is a big part of healing for all of us.

Blessing over the Great Waters.”

— André

“Your CD affects me differently than other music I’m accustomed to.  The music of Sinatra or the Beatles elicits memories and emotions of times past, of my remembered history. Some classical music catches me up in the beauty of its melodies and harmonies without reference to anything else.  Some nature and new age music evokes images of peaceful scenes–gardens, creeks, canyons, forests, and so forth.

While your CD produces some of these effects, it also adds something very different.  The didjeridu adds a cathedral quality suggestive of some unknown but holy zone beyond my history or the pleasures of beauty. It transports me to a place and time beyond the boundaries of my physical life.  I think what your CD does is quiet mind, memory, and emotion in order to release the spirit. The last two cuts, for example, evoke the deep life of the ocean and the planet.  I picture the Alaskan coast (I suspect Hawaii is the actual place) with ocean, mountains, the sky, and the sea animals, accompanied by the music, expressing the mystery and grandeur of created life.  I become aware of a sublime connection to this deeper life, and this is an experience I get from no other music or sound.

Another common experience for me is that I often sleep through 5-15 minutes of the CD.  It isn’t that it makes me sleepy; it’s more like I black out and awaken with no memory of dozing off. Occasionally I feel a mild euphoria and I know I will soon loose consciousness. Usually, I awaken surprised to have missed a cut or two of the CD.  After reading your introduction to the CD I’ve decided I slip from Alpha to Theta to Delta on almost every hearing.  Amazing.

I don’t mean to gush, but you must have some kind of genius to put these sounds with these various instruments together to achieve such extraordinary results.  You have a valuable gift and I am happy you have found your calling in sharing it with the world.  As the Bible says, let those who have ears to hear listen to the music of Kimba Arem.”


Thank you for your blessing gift. I needed time to myself right into your music a listen. there are a few songs that touch me deeply. it’s wonderful. I think the world needs a lot of this type of song.

You’d have gigantic speakers to send your love and energy-music into the universe. the whole energy spread love and positive vibrations.

and install underwater speakers and play into the sea. so that the mother earth, the wonderful organ, can absorb positive vibrations and can distribute that information about the water in the whole world.

but I think everyone that plays your music, supports the earth and the universe and everything that goes with it anyway.

because the vibrations are taken anywhere.

I sometimes think that the trees absorb a lot of vibration. especially in winter when no leaves on the trees, they see many small branches, like antennas.  filter the negative energy clean and transport positive energy to the universe.

God bless you and your work.”


“Hi Kimba,
My six year old daughter once listened to your Vibrational Sound Healing demo CD at Sunflower Market and was immediately smitten. Each time we went to the market, she would want to listen again, so I bought her the CD. We all love to listen to it, and recently I presented her with a nice Roland keyboard thinking she may want to learn how to play (she also loves Yanni).”

–Rob and Cheryl

I just wanted to thank you for this calming shift that is going on in me…I slept like a baby with images of the forest taking me into dreams.  What you have actualized is truly extraordinary. The inter-dimensional aspect of your work is very evident and so, so profound.”


“I feel every cell in my body vibrating, cleansing and assuming normalcy. And again the interplay of piano with the harp (background didj) is the perfect prelude to the violin that appears later. The listeners body is so in tune with this flow by now, that it’s getting easier and easier to let go. I feel totally relaxed as the sounds disappear into the oceanic waves mixed with the marine mammal sounds.

I do believe your talents lie in tapping into your listeners’ spirit very quickly and effortlessly by letting our own natural biorhythms come out with every wave of sound you produce. I do believe there is a magic to this process that is effortlessly mastered by some and it requires a lifetime of practice for others. Anyway, I do wonder if you were to mathematically analyze your music and happen to find some Fibonacci resemblance to its flow.

Forever your fan!”


“I believe the music from this CD is the most listened to music on my iPod. ”

— Jamie Harman

Great music for relaxation and meditation – 5.0 out of 5 stars

I hate New Age music if it uses a lot of synthesized sounds and tries to sound like it’s coming from outer space.

I like music that is played on real instruments, and I don’t mind if it incorporates sounds from nature, along with it.

This music is very relaxing and very natural and real sounding. That is because it IS real. It uses various acoustic instruments which are played in a way that creates a very soft, relaxing environment which is conducive to meditation and relaxation.”

–KV Trout

My favorite relaxation CD and I’ve tried many!  – 5.0 out of 5 stars

I’ve borrowed many ‘relaxation’ CDs from the public library to combat stress. This is one of the very few that I decided to buy. The first CD is mostly talk by the two authors, but I often play the second all-music CD at bedtime, at naptime, or to help me go back to sleep when I awaken too early or in the middle of the night.”


“The relaxing music on this CD is pretty unique. It utilizes exotic instruments and it seems to me it is being played very much from the heart. I often use this CD when doing yoga or meditating.”

–Patrick D. Goonan

Amazing sleep inducing CD

Forget your troubles and escape to a wonderful garden of musical enchantment.

I’ve used (Self-Healing with Sound and Music) for years to put myself to sleep at nite, and use it again in the middle of the nite if I awaken.

I’ve given it as a gift to my insomniac pals.

Forget the lecture CD. The music CD is a wonderful journey through all kinds of music, including digeridoo, flutes, piano, birds and whales singing – and much much more…”

–M. White  

“I really love this CD – Self-Healing with Sound and Music. I will buy it as gifts for my grown children and friends. It offers a wealth of knowledge about sound, and the music is incredible. I have used it for meditation and relaxation, and actually fell asleep once, while listening to the music while resting. Being a composer of music and a certified yoga teacher, I appreciate the professionalism and depth of this album. Bravo to Kimba Arem and Dr. Weil!”

 — a music teacher

“This tape (Self-Healing with Sound and Music) is very easy to take even for non-newagers. The Doc is a nice and interesting guy with a good voice.

Kimba is a delight with a Hawaiian aura and fabulous instruments which she plays in a beautiful way.

The musical part of the tape is lovely and relaxing.

Weil’s whole series is great for people in crisis who need to focus their brains to help them heal and deal with pain.

Check it out!”

— S C Koch

Highly recommended!

I have had this cd set (Self-Healing with Sound and Music) for a while and use the music cd in the whole house intercom when family members are sick or facing stress. Recently I have been playing it on the computer in the hospital 24/7 while my family member was recuperating from surgery and later complications. I definitely notice a difference in everything from blood pressure to O2 sats/rbc’s when I’ve been playing this v. the nights I have not. Who knows, but I’m not questioning it. I highly recommend this cd even as a relaxation cd, it can play for days on end and keep the energy in the room calm and healthy.”

— twosday

“Self Healing with Sound & Music” does exactly what the title implies. The first CD is quite informative and I enjoyed Dr. Weil’s explanation on the effect sound has on our body and mind. The second CD sends you into another world it is so soothing. If you are under stress, having health issues, or just want to relax and unwind I would recommend this CD.”

–Tanny P. Hilliard

“This is a 2 cd pack (Self-Healing with Sound and Music). The first cd was an interesting lecture by Andrew Weil and Kimba Arem’s about the theory of healing with sound, with a bit of physics thrown in. They mention how we live surrounded by sound pollutants (car alarms, drilling, cell phone shouters) and how we should be more careful what sounds/vibrations we let in.

The second CD has very lovely music by Kimba, with bells and water and subtle chants, which I find soothing. I find quite a lot of new age music really irritating, so the fact that this one works for me, makes this a very nice find.

Edited to add that I’ve had this CD for over a year and have listened to it endlessly. It has become my preferred music for a restless night, and it’s both soothing and uplifting. I really like it and recommend it to lots of friends. I would use it every time I get a massage, it’s perfect for there too, and finding that one deep breath to take and let go…”