Music as a Bridge Between Here and Beyond

Throughout the ages, artists have served to entertain, and uplift the hearts and spirits of the community. Art, in all of its various and diverse forms, has served as a catalyst to remind people of their connection to a larger world, a world that can be felt but not seen. Art can help individuals rise above their daily concerns and expand their consciousness to embrace a much larger perspective. As individuals witness or participate in artistic endeavors, the mind can be set free to explore new thoughts and new feelings allowing new creative expressions to emerge that can open up richer, deeper and more subtle experiences in all areas of life.

As a musician I have seen throughout my life how music transcends language in a way that connects people — heart to heart. I have always marveled that the word hear is so similar to the word heart. I have seen how music can deeply affect and soothe people emotionally, almost as if the ears have channels that go directly to the heart.

Music seems to be a universal language that everyone from every culture, race or religion seems to understand and respond to. The word harmony is a musical term implying both agreement in feeling or opinion, and a combination of sounds considered pleasing to the ear. This inspires me to play music from many different cultures showing how they merge to form beautiful auditory landscapes. I believe that this can help people from all walks of life find a common resonance, and I feel that ultimately this can serve as a model for how we can build more harmony in the world.

As the latest scientific research called Super String theory suggests, the microscopic world underlying all of matter is composed of tiny “strings” or vibrational patterns that orchestrate all of creation. This is similar to numerous creation myths from many ancient cultures that refer to sound and the divine “voice” as being the primordial matrix, out of which all of life emerged. For example, the New Testament says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.” Genesis states “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” In the Hindu tradition, the Vedas say, “In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the word. And the Word is Brahman.” The Mayans believed that the first humans were given life by the sole power of the word. The Egyptians believed that the God “Thot” created the world by voice alone. The Hopi Indian creation story tells of the animation of all life on Earth by having the Spider Woman sing the Song of Creation over them. The Hawaiian Kumulipo is a creation story that has been passed down through the ages in the form of song. These are but a few of the many examples from world cultures honoring sound and music as being central to life on Earth.

The music I play incorporates instruments from various cultures, showing the common resonance that creates harmony. My intention when performing and demonstrating different instruments is to create a field of sound that connects people and provides a space to access stillness and peace. At this time of great global transition and change, there is a great need for peace, not only between nations but within each of us. I am honored to share my music with you to help remind us of our interconnectedness to each other.