Radiance Health Integrative Clinic

We are pleased to announce the opening of our integrative health clinic in Boulder, Colorado. Radiance Health Clinic features cutting-edge technologies and integrative health practitioners, including Kimba as the resident sound and subtle energy therapist. Kimba is Vice President of Radiance Health and sits on the Board of Directors.

Learn about Kimba’s sound / subtle energy therapy offerings at the clinic.

Sound Therapy at Radiance Health

Kimba at Radiance HealthThe intention of Radiance Health is to provide an atmosphere for transformation.  Using cutting edge diagnostic and treatment tools, the clinic will provide technologies, information, and staff to assist individuals in their personal goal of optimum health that includes mind, body, and spirit.  Intended to provide a launching pad for new levels of inner harmony, the clinic and its staff welcomes those who wish to leap forward to previously unknown territories of whole health, empowering it’s patients with education as well as therapies to assist in this process.

Please visit RadianceHealth.com for more information.