Sound Therapy Training

Please contact Kimba Arem if you are interested in personalized coaching for working with Sound as Medicine for personal and planetary transformation. In-person training is preferred, but can also be done via Skype or other methods.

A review from former sound therapy students of Kimba:

We discovered Kimba through her music. We had been cultivating a yoga/meditation practice for several years and became interested in the healing effects of sound. We started searching for options on learning to use singing bowls, but having had mixed experiences with commercial schools in the past, we felt compelled to look for a true master in the field. During our search, we came across an interview with Kimba Arem. We felt immediately led to contact her, to see if she would work with us in developing our skills to play singing bowls and work with sound as a modality for both therapy and in teaching yoga.

We were thrilled to receive her reply and had a very nice chat on the phone. Although she was based in Boulder, Colorado and we lived in Florida, we felt this was an opportunity we had to pursue.

The 4 days we spent with Kimba were transformative. The focus initially was on ‘being’ the instrument, versus simply playing one. Kimba had prepared an entire presentation on both the metaphysical and quantifiable results of sound therapy as evidenced in scientific tests. Included was the power of intention and the importance of maintaining a high frequency internally.

We then moved to experiencing the sound of different instruments personally and ended with a workshop on the didgeridoo.

Studying with Kimba was not a class, it was as an experience. It was an opportunity to learn from a master who has spent over 20 years dedicated to the healing effects of sound. An experience both my partner and I feel will serve us for the rest of our lives.

— Chuck & Jessica