People’s Experiences Hearing the Sound Current

Below are some responses from people who are also starting to hear the sound current, as I also started to hear on July 4 2013:

Hi Kimba,

Awesome!! I was hearing this equalizing “ringing” in my ears. Went to the doctor tested no problems found.

I found the answer in the in the Essene Gospel of Peace, page 57. They called it “Holy Streams of Sound.” Now I use it to meditate. It has changed my life, brightened my mind….I am grateful to my Divine Universe for letting me hear this awesome Sound!!


Hi Kimba,

I was browsing your site when I was reading about Biowell chakra musical tones.

I have been experiencing sound current all the time with different type of sound.

I hear high pitch sound 24/7. And hearing all type of sound during spiritual exercises.

I am one with the Sound. It guides me all the time. It is no longer putting effort like before.

It is happening effortless effort. I don’t even have to put attention to hear the inner sound.

I am using light and sound as healing modality with consciousness as medicine.

I used mantra and music as therapy combining with consciousness.

In Resonance,
— Dr.Jayabintharan