Bio-Well Calibration Pack


The Bio-Well Calibration Pack contains attachments needed to calibrate your device.

Included with Bio-Well device purchase, or sold separately.

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This Bio-Well Calibration Pack comes with the Bio-Well, but it can also be ordered separately.

  • Allows experienced users to calibrate Bio-Well software to get more precise data in the Health and Energy Status data views
  • Metrological testing of the Bio-Well device
  • Testing of the functionality of the Bio-Well device
  • Recording time-dynamics of a human energy field
  • Presentation of the results in graphic form
  • All data may be saved for future processing
  • Ensure the most accurate results possible from your device.
  • Product contents: Grounding Cable, Titanium Cylinder
  • Dimensions:
    • Grounding Cable: 29.5″l x .13″w x .13″h
    • Titanium Cylinder: 2″l x 2.5″w x 2.5″h
    • Positioning Stand
    • Weight: .50 lb.


Please see the Calibration Pack User Manual and other tutorial materials.