This is recorded directly inside the beehive during winter, going into spring.  During this time of year, the bees need to create all of the wax combs to hold honey and larvae.   Valerie Sondheim, a bee keeper convinced of the healing properties of the sound of bees (, placed two microphones inside the hive, and Kimba recorded their comb creation frequency on a Super Audio recording system, the highest recording fidelity available.

Listening to the Healing Bees: The Creation, you can hear the bees crunching wax to form the cells– the pure sound of vibrating energy produced from the bees’ thoracic muscles.

These frequencies can be helpful if used during meditation, healing work, or for brain entrainment. It can help to harmonically re-pattern physical and mental disturbances.

This cymatic image shows how this frequency structured the water it was exposed to: