This CD is a journey into peace. Beyond the drama of duality, within the symphony of vibrations that hold the universe together, lies a unified field that connects us all. This is the place we go when we die, it is where we come from before we are born, and sometimes music can bring us there, into the space of pure potentiality.

My intention is to provide musical frequencies to facilitate a journey to this place. Each person who holds within their being a sense of true inner serenity adds to the growing field of peace in the world. By combining instruments from all over the world together in harmony, this can be a symbol for world peace.

The pictures of water crystals on this CD are from my Peace Journey concerts in Japan. Arigato to Masaru Emoto and his laboratory for taking these photos. This CD is in dedication to the extraordinary life of this man, and we will miss him here in the Earth plane beyond words.

Thank you to all of the amazing friends, teachers, mentors, and inspirations that have graced my Earthwalk. You are so precious and sacred.

Finally, blessings to the glorious planet dear Gaia, mother of us all May we give back to you the beauty and abundant blessing you offer us with such love and grace.

Aloha, peace on your journey,