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These MP3s of a double CD set that includes a spoken word CD with music (the reading of The Psychedelic Prayers) and an instrumental-only version.

The Tao Te Ching, meaning “way” and “virtue,” is an ancient Chinese text, believed dated from the 6th century B.C. The great sage, Lao Tse, originally inscribed it. The Tao Te Ching’s wisdom was intended to be translated throughout the ages.

Dr. Timothy Leary, former psychology professor at Harvard University, spent time with the many-times translated text, and in response allowed poetry to emerge, leading to his book The Psychedelic Prayers. During a trip to India in 1965, Timothy collaborated with another former Harvard Professor, Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. who further distilled this timeless tool to help psychedelic explorers and other seekers to have a safe and evolutionary journey. Their goal was to create a safe “set” and “setting,” considered helpful for a positive experience.

The Psychedelic Prayers were originally published in 1966.

In the early 1970’s Brigitte Mars was living in Canada with Timothy and a group which collaborated on a project to produce an updated version of The Psychedelic Prayers. Nearly forty years later, teaming up with Kimba Arem ( as sacred sound musician, engineer and producer, Brigitte reads the prayers, making this production finally available as an audio experience.

The intention of this offering of transcendent poetry and sacred sounds is to provide a healing experience to guide your way home.

Blessed be.

Listening suggestions: This album is intended to be listened to in its’ entirety, from the opening Ho’o’pono’pono blessing prayer to the final meditation. It is exactly 64 minutes long, reflecting the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. It can be played alone (headphones is recommended), or with a group, in an open and healing atmosphere. Allow your mind and body to relax and receive these ancient teachings on a cellular level. They are intended to help Spirit ground more fully into the physical body, bringing increased health, balance, clarity, and equanimity.

May your journeys be peaceful, healing, and bring you to a place of deep love and happiness.

  1. Ho’o’pono’pono (ancient Hawaiian prayer, translation by Phillip Young and Kimba Arem)
  2. The Guide (all tracks from here on: spoken word written by Timothy Leary, read by Brigitte Mars, music by Kimba Arem)
  3. When the Harmony is Lost
  4. Life, Light, Love
  5. Let There Be Simple, Natural Things
  6. All Things Pass
  7. The Message of Posture
  8. That Which is Called the Tao
  9. Eternal Pool Without Source
  10. Jewelled Indifference
  11. Falling Free
  12. Sheathing the Self
  13. Manifestation of the Mystery
  14. Please Do Not Clutch at the Gossamer Web!
  15. Hold Fast to the Void
  16. Take In, Let Go
  17. The Serpent Coil of DNA
  18. Pre-historic Origins of DNA
  19. Clear Water
  20. Tao Tse’s Mind
  21. Returning to the Source– Repose
  22. Transfiguration Exercises
  23. The Tree Above– The Tree Below
  24. Four-fold Representation of the Mystery
  25. The Seed Light
  26. This Is It!
  27. Gate of the Soft Mystery
  28. The Lesson of Seed
  29. Hearing
  30. Seeing
  31. Touching
  32. Smelling
  33. Tasting
  34. The Root Chakra
  35. The Sex Chakra
  36. The Heart Chakra
  37. The Air Chakra
  38. The Crown Chakra
  39. Ascending Ladder of Chakras
  40. The Moment of Fullness
  41. How to Escape the Trap of Beauty and Goodness
  42. For God’s Sake, Feel Good
  43. Re-imprinting With Water as Element
  44. The Lesson of Water
  45. The Utility of Nothing
  46. The Innosense of the Sensual
  47. How to Recognize the Tao Imprint
  48. Keep in Touch
  49. Along the Grain
  50. Who Knows the Center Endures

  1. E Homai
  2. Valse de Lune
  3. Innerdimensonal
  4. The Journey
  5. Greensleeves
  6. Faraway
  7. Along the Grain
  8. Deep Waters
  9. IAm
  10. Sky of Night
  11. Beyond Name
  12. The Cycle Completes
  13. Lotus Ascension
  14. Peaceful Return
  15. The One
  16. Crystal Dance
  17. Eternal One
  18. Peace Journey
  19. Healing the Self
  20. Lullaby