The CDs I have created since the mid ’90’s are mostly indigenous and improvisational works, all with the intention of creating sacred space for healing and transformation.  However, the songs from Waltz of the Moon are somewhat different in how they were created, although the intention is the same.

The song Valse de Lune was the first in a series of “channeled” piano tunes that I later orchestrated with other musicians and instruments.  These songs came in on a series of new and full moons over the course of a couple of years, on a piano that we had tuned to A=432 (see A=432 on this website, under Sound as Medicine section for more info).  This one, like all of the others that came in later, came in with this name, Valse de Lune, (meaning Waltz of the Moon).

It was an interesting journey as these songs came through, as I had never “composed” piano music before, growing up I was trained in classical piano but read music already written.  This was a whole new experience.

Each songs is so unique from the next, yet all feel like they come from the same place… may be be useful guides on your Hero’s Journey of soul growth, healing, and evolution.

Blessed Be.

2. Valse De Lune
4. The Journey
5. Greensleeves
6. Faraway
11. Beyond Name
12. The Cycle Completes
13. Lotus Ascension
15. The One
20. Lullaby