Waltz of the Moon was created from a place of pure adventure, new life, and openness.  I had recently moved from my soul’s home in Kaua’i to Boulder to be with my beloved.  Opening to the world of new love and creating a life once again in the mainland US, I jumped into the void.  After I arrived and started to settle, we bought a piano and put it in an alternate tuning, an ancient and cosmic tuning, of A = 432 Hz.  Within about a year, on certain full and new moons,  a new experience would start to occur.  I would sit at the piano and, one at a time, the songs you hear on this CD would “come in,” fully formed and with a name.  This year, in 2011, I decided to record them and bring other musicians on board to add their magic to the pieces.

I have training in classical piano but always read music, never composed melodies.  My CDs created over the past 12 years are mostly indigenous and improvisational works, with the intention of creating sacred space for healing and transformation (sound therapy).  These songs are certainly a journey, with each song reflecting the stage I was in at the time of it’s arrival… sometimes I happy and innocent space, sometimes sad, forlorn, lost… like the Hero’s mythical journey, which helps the soul to grow. May these songs help you on whatever stage of the journey you find yourself.