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Crossing the Great WatersCrossing the Great Waters – Buy MP3 | Buy WAVBuy CD
01. Entering the Mystery

03. Sancti Spiritus

04. The Helpers

07. In Between

09. Inner Truth

10. Celtic Praise

12. Unified

15. Together

Gaearth Dreaming – Buy MP3 | Buy CD
01. The Journey Begins

02. Iameon

03. Ka Ewa Ele

04. Primordial Soul

05. Wirad Jiri

06. Gaearth Dreaming

07. Innerdimensional

Self Healing with Sound & Music – Buy MP3 | Buy CD
01. Water Way
02. Spiral Ebb
03. Aqueous Air

04. Peace Journey
05. Liquid Reverence

06. Sacred Circling
07. Angels of the Deep

08. Surfacing and Integration

For more samples, please see page two.

These CDs are transformational tools – guided journeys into the realms of sound as medicine. Like the spiral of life–our DNA and our galaxy–these songs have no beginning and no end. Their intention and purpose is to provide healing frequencies to assist in growth and transformation processes. I create music as a natural expression of a lifetime of learning and loving music, coupled with a passion for the healing arts. Another intention encoded in these CDs is to provide frequencies that facilitate the creation of sacred space. From this, one can access information, renewed vitality, balance, clarity, inspiration, relaxation, creativity, free expression, and transformational energies. They can be played during various forms of therapies, yoga, bodywork, meditation, or as ambient music during creative endeavors. As the planet is increasing its frequency-a recent phenomena measured and proven through scientific measurements-we can also shift to harmonize with these new vibrations. Sound work greatly assists in the integration process–it is gentle and effortless.

Peace Journey, Self-Healing with Sound and Music, Crossing the Great Waters, and Gaearth Dreaming have encoded alpha, theta, and delta frequencies–almost inaudible but definitely felt– to assist in transforming brainwave patterns, allowing for more meditative, relaxed and clear perceptions. This creates the space for healing to occur on many levels. I started producing CDs after years of performing, teaching music as medicine, and doing private sound therapy sessions. Many clients asked if I had CDs of my music they could take home with them, so I decided to learn the techniques of recording, mixing, and producing CDs. These CDs were been produced various studios in Kaua’i, Japan, and Colorado. They feature the most ancient instrument in the world–the didjeridu– along with native flutes, primal drums, vocal overtoning and chanting, harp, jaw harp, keyboards, ting shas, quartz crystal didjeridus, and Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls. Bridging these instruments with modern technology and mixing software, this music is a full-circle journey into the realms of sound as medicine.