Sensitiv Imago Device

Kimba is trained in a number of cutting edge energy modalities, such as Bio-Well and Sensitiv Imago. She operates these devices out of her Integrative medical clinic in Colorado, Radiance Health.

Sensitiv Imago:

The latest research in energy medicine has shown that cells, tissues and organs are structures that possess very exact bio-electrical characteristics. It was shown that these vibrational characteristics can drastically change in presence of pathological processes. Sensitiv Imago measures bioelectric parameters within the human electromagnetic field via 3 separate receptor types. Depending on each specific organ, Sensitiv Imago detects and then aligns itself with the frequency of electromagnetic impulses of each organ.

The extensive database of Sensitiv Imago contains models of all disease processes, as well as the healthy frequency spectrum of normal cells and organs. The device automatically compares the incoming electromagnetic spectrum of the patient to it’s database.  Based on the results, BRT, MORA, or making Spectronosodes will follow. They are then tested to the patient’s organ responses (or to specific supplements) to help re-balance the system.


The first level of bio-balancing in Sensitiv Imago is called BRT. This is applied with electro-magnetic waves with the frequency inverted, like noise cancellation, to the specific organs. It is not possible to harm the tissues with this method. Sensitiv Imago allows for monitoring of the feedback from the cells during the session, to tailor the session specifically to the needs of individual and the body’s response. This form of biofeedbackhelps to reduce inflammation and cellular disharmony, and therefore allows the body to innately restore balance to damaged organ functions.


MORA works with the help of the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations. This part of the session is focused on strengthening optimal physiological oscillations.  One analogy is to music—the body is like a symphony, and all of the cells and organs need to play or vibrate in harmony together to make harmonious music.  If one player loses his sheet music and starts to play “wrong” notes, the whole symphony sounds off.  This part of the session is about giving the sheet music back to the player, so he can play in harmony once again with the rest of the body symphony.  MORA’s balancing effect is brought about by stimulation of the body’s innate defenses, allowing for the body to naturally initiate tissue regeneration and other restorative processes.


The Sensitive Imago device uses a technique to create preparations called spectronosodes. These are specialized vibrational energy and information preparations, similar to homeopathics.  Imago creates a coherent laser light beam and acoustic electrical signal directed to a medium placed in the resonance chamber (sugar pills, or distilled water). The bioresonance preparation made in this way with then be tested for dosage. These preparations are directed at certain harmful microorganisms detected in certain organs in the body, and can help vibrationally deactivate them.

Imago Supplement Testing:

The Sensitiv Imago device has the capacity to test individual supplements for the optimum brand, type, and dosage for each individual, by seeing the response of the substance to the body’s energy field.  This can provide information needed to tailor a supplement regimen specific to an individual’s needs.

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