The latest generation of Bio-Well GDV Camera, the 2.0 provides enhanced functionality and faster operation for the best user experience. The upgraded technology of the 2.0 allows for improved stability and a higher level of reproducibility, as well as manually-controlled device ventilation and exclusive access to new features currently in development for future releases of the Bio-Well software.

New features and advantages of the Bio-Well GDV Camera 2.0:

1. Increased functionality and stability: Lower deviation of measurements means higher reproducibility due to new and improved versions of both the motherboard and video camera.

2. Increased image capture rate: At 1 image per second, a “Full Scan” can be completed in 20 seconds.

3. New Calibration process: Calibration of the 2.0 is much faster and more accurate as compared to our 1.0 model.

4. New USB protocol: The new Bio-Well GDV Camera 2.0 protocol provides faster and reliable data exchange between the 2.0 and the connected computer.

5. Improved Environment-mode feature: Activity Level of Environment (parameter) can now be calculated with a minimum of only 7 minutes of data (1 image per second), rather than the minimum 35 minutes (1 image per 5 seconds) necessary for Bio-Well 1.0.

6. Manually operated low-noise built-in ventilator: Combined with ventilation holes in the optical tube, this new manual feature makes the Bio-Well GDV Camera 2.0 more resistant to changes in atmospheric parameters and prevents moisture condensation on the inner surface of the glass electrode during long term measurements.

7. Future 2.0-only software feature updates: Due to the technological differences between our 2.0 and 1.0 models, most new features to be released in upcoming versions of the Bio-Well software will only be available for 2.0 users. One such feature, to be released in the coming months, will be automatic analysis of the gas discharge glow structure using an integrated artificial intelligence program which will assist users with defining problematic sectors in captured finger images.

Special Offer for Existing Bio-Well GDV Camera 1.0 Users

Bio-Well 1.0 users will have the option to upgrade their devices with the 2.0 motherboard and video camera for only $600 USD (plus shipping to the closest Bio-Well Service Center: Estonia, Hong Kong, USA, Brazil or India). This will allow access to 6 of the 7 advantages listed above (ventilator and ventilation holes in the optical block are not included in the upgrade package). Bio-Well will cover the cost of the return shipment.

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This Bio-Well product includes the carrying case and calibration pack, which are also sold separately.

Using the powerful technology of Electro-Photonic Imaging (EPI), Bio-Well presents the state of a person’s energy field. When a scan is taken, a high intensity electrical field stimulates emission of photons and electrons from human skin, then powerful imaging technology captures the emissions of each finger.

The images have been mapped to various organs and systems of the body, and reflect the state of the energy meridians as defined in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Bio-Well also provides a display of the chakra system– size and alignment of each chakra.

Bio-Well Electro-scanUsing the powerful technology of Electro-Photonic Imaging (EPI), Bio-Well illustrates the state of a person’s energy field. When a scan is taken, high intensity electrical field stimulates emission of photons and electrons from human skin; powerful imaging technology captures photon emissions given off by each finger. The images are then mapped to different organs and systems of the body, tapping into Chinese energy meridians. The images created using the Bio-Well system are based on the ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine . This concept was first proposed by Dr. Reinhold Voll in Germany, later further developed by Dr. Peter Mandel, and then clinically verified and corrected through 18 years of clinical research by a team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov in St. Petersburg Russia.

Bio-Well utilizes a weak, completely painless electrical current applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The body’s response to this stimulus is the formation of a variation of an “electron cloud” composed of light energy photons. The electronic “glow” of this discharge (invisible to the human eye) is captured by an optical CCD camera system and then translated into a digital computer file. The data from each test is converted to a unique “Photonic Profile”, which is compared to the database of hundreds of thousands of data records using 55 distinct parametric discriminates, and charted so that it is available for discussion and analysis. A graph of the findings is presented as a two-dimensional image. To study these images, fractal, matrix, and various algorithmic techniques are linked and analyzed.

Learn more about the Bio-Well Device.

  • The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive… do it daily for best results!
  • A powerful tool that provides you with a wealth of rich data to help identify areas to tend to as you work towards personal coherence
  • Get real time feedback on what factors – positive and negative –affect your energy state
  • System provides instant graphic representations of the data to provide easy reference and interpretation.
  • Displays data in an easily understood format using graphic representations; placing indicators within the outline of the human form for ease of discussion
  • View each scan in a variety of interesting ways with up to seven result display options
  • Save or print a report containing all data points of each scan
  • Save or print your results with one click
  • With the Sputnik and Bio-Well Accessory Pack add-ons, measure environment and the affect of objects on your energy too!
  • State-of-the-art, sleek camera that doesn’t require a power source. It simply connects to your computer with USB-cable (included)
  • Conduct scans, view results and access previous scans through the sophisticated Bio-Well accompanying software
  • Monitor your energy state throughout time in order to track your responses to physical and mental exercises, response to weather changes, different loading
  • Monitor the energy history of your family and friends
  • Customize your experience by only paying for the scan types and data views you need with three subscription level options
  • Store historical scans for as long as you’re a subscriber
  • Mac OS X 10.6 and higher
      • Only 64 bit version
      • Does not include iPads

    The Bio-Well device and software have been optimized for utilization with PC computers running a Windows operating system as well as for Mac OS X systems. Many of our customers do successfully utilize Bio-Well with Mac OS X, but some have experienced inconsistent operation, which may be due to interference by various programs installed on individual computers. The Bio-Well Team endeavors to increase support for Mac in our ongoing software updates. For those customers who may encounter issues when using Mac OS X, we recommend consideration of a secondary Windows-based system as an alternative platform. We further recommend, to all Bio-Well users, implementation of a regularly-scheduled calibration regiment which is essential for accurate and reproducible results and/or changes of environment.

  • Windows XP and higher
    • Does not include metro style (desktop applications only)
    • Tablets with Windows 8 are supported


Please see the Bio-Well User Manual and other tutorial materials.

  • Product contents: Bio-Well device, USB cable, Finger Insert, Large Finger Insert, Lens Cleaning Cloth, Calibration Unit, Calibration Cable, Calibration Stand, Carrying Case
  • Device dimensions: 4.5” l x 4.75”w x 4.5”h
  • Device weight: Bio-Well: 2.25 lbs, Calibration Pack: .45 lbs