Sound Therapy Sessions

Through Radiance Health Clinic in Boulder, Colorado, Kimba offers customized Sound Therapy Sessions.

Remote Sound Therapy Sessions are also available.

Sound Therapy SessionsAs a multi­-disciplined musician, Kimba’s main focus is on live instrumentation tailored to your personal energy field, which is amplified through the sound therapy table you are lying on, which resonates at the frequency of the human skeletal structure. Other subtle energy technologies are often added (see below), where they can help shift or augment frequencies as needed.

Instruments include: the voice– harmonic overtoning and chants and prayers from cultures around the world, crystal didjeridu4-chambered Celtic flute, multi-chambered Native American Flutes, waterphone, Tibetan and crystal bowls, alchemy crystal bowls, tingshas, tuning forks, harp, Aboriginal bullroarer, and various other unusual instruments.

Other technologies are sometimes used, tailored to each individual, based on their needs and requests.

Optionally, your session can include these subtle energy modalities:

  • Sound Therapy Table– amplifies the live music she creates, tailored to your energy field – learn more »
  • Bio-Well energy field readings before and after treatment – learn more »
  • BioMat far infrared therapy –learn more »
  • Music of the Plants accompaniment – learn more »
  • Binaural beat light and sound machine – learn more »
  • Personalized flower essence treatment – learn more »
  • Personalized aromatherapy treatment – learn more »
  • Personalized gem therapy treatment – learn more »
  • Reiki (Kimba is a Reiki master) – learn more »
  • Green Laser Light – learn more »
  • Water for you to drink at the end of the session, placed inside the crystal bowls with your personalized flower essences and structured by the music and energy of your session.

Learn more about Radiance Health in Boulder, Colorado and reach out to schedule a session.

Remote Sound Therapy Sessions

How is this done? I set up recording equipment in my sound therapy studio at our clinic, Radiance Health. I prefer to do the hour session at a time when you are simultaneously lying down wherever you are, and in receiving mode live, but this is not absolutely necessary. It is also not necessary if the session is for a loved one, an animal or pet, or some land area that needs healing. If the session is for you, if possible, we also chat briefly (on the phone or via Skype or Zoom beforehand), to connect a bit more vibrationally. Then I record the session, usually with a certain object or crystal representing you on the table…it can also be a sample of your hair or a stone etc, that you mail to me ahead of time.  If it is for healing land, it is nice (but not required) if I can have a stone from that area to put on the table during the session.  I also put a crystal on the table during the session that is infused with the energy of the sound therapy work.  This is then mailed to you (with your recording) to place on your altar, with your pet, or on the land.  The crystal can also be placed in water, and the sound session recording (described below) can be played into the water and crystal, and then you can drink this, or put in a pet’s water, or on the land you wish to send healing to.

After the sound session is completed, I edit the recording (removing any extraneous room sounds etc. as I change instruments), and mix this recording in with the table frequencies (that I designed for sound sessions… usually the Journey into Kosmos album but sometimes other recordings). The transducers in the sound table are connected to the microphone and the CD, all playing though the bed into the crystal, rock, surrogate, (or live person). Finally, I burn the recording to a CD to mail to you (which will be the best sound quality rather than an mp3, which is possible to do and easier to email or upload).  You can later convert the mp3 to a wav file if you choose.  I will mail you the completed CD with the crystal that was on the table during the session.

Please contact me if you’re interested in booking a remote session.