Journey into Kosmos is also available in WAV format.

This sonic soundscape CD was created using actual NASA recordings of the Earth, Sun, and planets in our solar system, taking you on an exploration of our local star and beyond.  Venturing out from the Sun, with Earth as our base, we will visit Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Io, Saturn’s Rings, Saturn, Uranus and Miranda, Neptune, and finally Pluto.

You may notice that after we reach Saturn’s rings and Saturn, you no longer hear the sound of Earth.  This is because it is believed that it is on our planet that the karma of our solar system takes form, and once the soul comes toward Earth’s sphere past Saturn, we take on physical form.  So if we move out from the Sun towards the outer reaches of the solar system, once we get past Saturn we have no form.  At this point in the journey you may find it possible to make contact with parts of your being that are harder to connect to, with the “distraction” of the senses.

Over the course of the journey you will hear incorporated the sound of healthy bee hives, Kaua’i sacred river water recordings, the Mayan Tzolkin translated into tones (the center of their calendrical system, relating to the galactic center), waterphone, vocal overtoning, humpback whales, and the crystal didjeridu.  All of these Cosmic and terrestrial frequencies are woven together in a continuous 64 minute journey to take you on an inner journey into outer space.  It is meant to be listened to from start to finish…

Also placed into the sonic landscape are embedded binaural beats that go from high alpha at the beginning of the journey, to low delta at the end, using the 213 Hz Solfeggio tone as the base, corresponding to “Returning to Spiritual Order.”

Many ancient systems teach us that the planets in our solar system correspond with different chakras or main energy centers within the body, so you can also use this journey with intention as a way to tune up, harmonize, align, and clear your chakra centers.

This CD is would better fall into the category of “Sound Therapy” vs “Music Therapy”–  the focus of most of my other albums.  Due to the binaural beats which go down into delta (deep sleep brainwave frequency), it is not recommended for use while driving.  Ideally, it is played during meditation, medicine journeys, yoga, through a sound table, or to assist with deep and restful sleep.

Happy trails, fellow Kosmic journeyer…

Many blessings,


“A few years ago while sleeping, I had a vivid dream hearing the most personally satisfying and optimally congruous, sublime music.  So wonderful.  I experience again that deep sublimity when I listen to so much of your music including ‘Journey into Kosmos’, which has a vibe not unlike that dream music I heard.  Far out! Maybe it’s a little silly, but I just wanted to share that with you.” – Mark

Planetary Time Codes

Sun 1:08
Mercury 2:22
Venus 4:20
Earth 5:55
Mars 8:18
Jupiter 15:44
Io 21:21
Saturn’s rings 29:00
Saturn 33:33
Uranus 38:22
Miranda 42:42
Neptune 47:00
Pluto 51:15