Please note: this CD is an instructional CD with some practice tracks and didjeridu songs at the end.

Its sound is unmistakable: soothing, mysterious, primal. The Australian Aborigines believe the didjeridu “re-creates creation” through its all-enveloping tone, insuring the cycles of life on earth will continue and flourish. With The Healing Didjeridu, Kimba Arem invites you to experience for yourself the remarkable gifts of this 40,000-year-old tool for wellness.

Kimba has played the didjeridu since 1992 as her main instrument and healing modality, in conjunction with her unique sound healing practice. On The Healing Didjeridu, she teaches you everything needed to start enjoying its restorative power firsthand, including: the basics of playing; the vital role of intention; how to heighten your awareness of the sacred and healing potential of sound; tips on circular breathing; didjeridu “experiments” and exercises, and much more.

“The healing power of the didjeridu comes, in part, from playing it yourself, ” says Kimba Arem. If you’ve been drawn to the alluring call of one of humanity’s oldest instruments, here’s your chance to tap its remarkable potency.

13. Indigenous Jazz
16. Hero’s Journey