A = 432

The piano songs on Valse de Lune, The Way of Water, and some upcoming albums, “came in” as my first experience of “channeling” fully formed compositions with names on a piano we had put in the tuning of A= 432 instead of A = 440, after I learned about it’s ancient use by cultures that believed that certain tunings (such as A = 432) connected us to cosmic harmonics.  The songs came in on a series of new and full moons over the course of a couple of years.   I felt that the tuning allowed me to be a receiver for certain melodies that existed in a nearby harmonic realm, waiting to be “heard” or felt and delivered to beings in this dimensional time frame.

From OMEGA432.com website on the magic of 432 Hertz:

  • 432hz vibrates/oscillates on the principals of natural harmonic wave propagation and unifies with the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and electromagnetism. The sun, Saturn, earth and moon, all exhibit ratio’s of the number 432.
  • Concert pitch A=432hz pitch can have profound positive effects on consciousness and also on the cellular level of our bodies.
  • By retuning musical instruments and using concert pitch at A=432hz instead of A=440Hz, you can feel the difference of connecting awareness to natural resonance.
  • A measured phenomenon of effect  that may support the idea of using A=432hz  as a scientific concert pitch is also based on the amount of partials of A=432hz from a musical scale that seem to correlate to organic systems and the measurement of planetary movement, the Sun and Saturn for example. Saturn is one of the solar systems accurate time pieces and it orbits the precession ever 864 of its years (432 x 2).

Fulcanelli, the mysterious french master alchemist who wrote ‘Le Mystère des Cathédrales’ had this to say about Saturn when he deciphered the planetary cyclic cross at Hendaye:

“…Saturn, because it is at the greatest distance from the sun of all the visible planets, has the longest “year,” taking a little less than 30 years to complete one circuit of the zodiac. This makes it the best precessional timekeeper of all the planets. Saturn completes one precessional Great Year of 25,920 years every 864 of its “years,” a half cycle every 432 of its “years,” a quarter cycle every 216 of its “years,” and an eighth of a cycle every 108 of its “years.” This equals (108 x 30) 3240 years, or 45 degrees of precessional arc. We can continue counting in Saturn years down to 9, one 96th of the precessional year, or 3.75 degrees of arc and 270 earth years, which brings us to the alignment period of the galactic meridian and the zenith/nadir axis. If we note when Saturn fell on a significant marker, such as the galactic center or antipode, then we can simply count Saturn cycles to mark the span of the Great Precessional Year. In this way, we could determine that if Saturn fell on the galactic antipode and made a station (since the earth is moving faster than Saturn, it appears as if it is overtaken, making it appear to stand still in the sky to mark the moment), then 432 Saturn cycles ago it was making a station at the same location, and would be doing so again at the completion of 864 Saturn cycles.”


Many ancient sites reflect the number 432 in their alignment to stars and planets and the earths path through space. Avebury and Stonehenge for example, yield the numbers 432. The connection of Stonehenge to the 25,920 year orbital precession of the equinox and the number 432 is obvious. If you take the first 30 stones in the outer ring of 360 degrees, divide that by 30 which gives you 12, and then divide 25,920  by 12 you get 2,160. which is the approximate diameter of the moon. When you divide the 60 stones in the second circle of 360 degrees by 60 you get 6. 25,920 divided by 6 equals 4,320. By dividing the 20 stones in the center circle of 360 degrees by 20 you get 18. 25,920 divided by 18 is 1,440. If the second circle of 60 stones equals 25,920 years then each stone equals 432 years around the 12 sectors of the 25,920 year precession. The center circle stones would be 20 x 432 which equals 8,640 years The center stone in the center circle would be divided in half at the time of the equinox making two stones for a total of 20. 1,440 is one sixth of 8,640. Again in the numbers of scientific concert pitch we see the numbers 144, 216, 432, 864. The earths wobble or spiral action gives us our time count of 86,400 seconds in a day and 43,200 seconds in 12 hours. 12 x 60 equals 720, and 2 x 360 equals 720. It takes 72 years for the earth to travel one degree around the 25,920 year precession of the equinox. Many stone circles have shown that these precise numbers also foretell of the changing of the poles and their past positions according to balanced alignment. Many stone circles were laid down to warn future generations of the passing of certain orbital astral bodies that from time to time may cause cataclysmic events.

Across the pond, the papal strong arm known as Sancta Sedes (the S.S.) pushed the introduction of unnatural concert pitch A=440Hz via the nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in 1939, however with the outbreak of World War II, it has been speculated that A=440Hz might not have been publicly accepted as it was in the United States by ex-military man J.C. Deagan.

Despite over 40,000 petitions from musicians to have international  concert pitch at A=432Hz, concert pitch was changed to A=440Hz in October of 1953 by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Maria Renold’s book “Intervals Scales Tones and the Concert Pitch C=128hz” claims conclusive evidence that 440Hz and raising concert pitch above scientific “C” Prime=128hz (Concert A=432hz) disassociates the connection of consciousness to the body and creates anti-social conditions in humanity.

Some audiophiles have also reported that A=432hz music seems to be non local and can appear to fill a room, whereas A=440hz can perceived as directional or linear in sound propagation.

Raising concert pitch may cause stress or warping of acoustic instruments and may seriously damage a singers vocal chords according to some professional opera singers.

If we examine the 20th century collective consciousness and the use of A=440Hz as possible pitch control in mass media pushed through radio & television as the “British Invasion” of Rock & Roll, we see the potential anti social behaviors and possible dangers of using higher and higher pitches as central references for music.

This information was well known over a hundred years ago and Rudolf Steiner warned mankind that using “luciferic brightness” and “arhimanic” tones in music could bring a condensing of greed forces in the west instead of “C” Prime=128hz (Concert A=432hz) which he mentioned was “Christ” consciousness of ascendant energy and angel “Michael” sun tone energy in the  collective awareness in the evolution of man.

A new quote regarding the amazing properties of 432Hz from John Stuart Reid’s  Facebook page states:

“432Hertz is a harmonic of light frequency it ‘speaks’ or ‘resonates’ directly with our cells. All cells communicate with each other via infrared light so I imagine that when they receive music in 432 Hertz they are in joy. The conscious you may not be aware of this, but most of what goes on in our bodies is sub conscious, thankfully! You can read more about how all sounds create infra red light in the physics section of our web site CymaScope™ ”

–John Stuart Reid

“432 Hertz truly can be considered a harmonic of light. Sound in air may be defined as the transfer …of periodic movements between adjacent colliding atoms or molecules. This sonic energy typically expands away from the site of the collisions–at the local speed of sound–as a spherical or bubble-shaped emanation, the surface of which is in a state of radial oscillation. At the point of origin of the sonic bubble an electromagnetic bubble is created by the collisions between the air molecules, because each collision creates friction that releases a small amount of infrared electromagnetism. That magnetism, like the sonic bubble, expands away from source spherically and it is modulated by the sonic periodicities, in much the same way that an amplitude-modulated radio broadcast consists of an electromagnetic carrier that is modulated in amplitude by, say, a person’s voice frequencies. Thus, the relationship between sound and light is real and very much part of the way that nature works. We cannot talk about the 432 Hertz key note without visualizing a 432 Hertz-modulated infrared light bubble.”

–John Stuart Reid

The Great Pyramid

The CymaScope™ is a device that measures acoustic vibrations of nodal points that form patterns of geometry in different liquid or solid mediums.

The science of cymatics — geometry through vibration — was researched and published by Dr. Hans Jenny in 1967, in his book called The Study of Wave Phenomena.

Here is a transcript of John’s correspondence with Brian T. Collins:

“Hello Brian, 432 Hertz pops out as a triangle, every time we image it.

We thought there was something wrong with the CymaScope™ but after trying for more than an hour we concluded that the number 3 was somehow universally connected to 432 Hertz.”

Vitruvian Merkabah

Some accounts of the history of A = 432 tuning:

The original Stradivarius violins were designed to be tuned to A432.

432 squared is 186,624, which comes close to Einstein’s figure for the speed of light – 186,282 miles per second.

If you plot the Pythagorean tuning for the C-Major scale on a 360 degree wheel, the wheel is based on 16 divisions, and if you set middle C as 256Hz (A432 tuning), you get 16 sections of 16Hz in the wheel.

The math that is evident when tuned to A-432 show what is called “The Plato Code”. Just like there are hidden codes written into the bible there are also hidden codes in the 432 matrix. 432 is THE ONLY resonant frequency that is capable of naturally reproducing what is called the “Pythagorean Musical Spiral”. Its the same sequence of growth that all life follows. It utilizes the formula of “Phi” also know as the “Golden Mean” and is also found in the “Fibonacci sequence”.

According to certain stories about the somewhat recent history of A = 432 changing to A = 440, Mr Goebbels (Nazi propaganda minister) was thinking of ideas that allowed for superiority over the general populace, when he implemented the idea of changing standardized musical tuning to something that would cause stress or anxiety in the listeners, hence the change to A = 440. He pushed this idea heavily but it was ultimately rejected once the war actually started. Then the NWO implemented the change seemingly overnight.

According to other sources, 432hz is tied with the Music of the Spheres, where planets and celestial bodies generate their own frequency. This possibly means that because we evolved on Earth, we are ‘tuned’ to the cosmic hum of the planets’ rotation. And for some reason, this is believed to be in the proportional tuning of 432hz.

The notes that come out in the A = 432 scale end up as mostly, whole numbers, and are divisible by 3. John Stuart Reid quotes, using the Cymascope/cymatics technology:

“432 Hertz pops out as a triangle, every time we image it. We thought there was something wrong with the Cymascope, but after trying for more than an hour we concluded that the number 3 was somehow universally connected to 432 Hertz.”

The Earth’s Frequency: 

It is said that 8Hz is the fundamental “beat” of the planet. The heartbeat of the Earth is also known as Schumann resonance and is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952.

Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance, which has its origin in electrical discharges of lightning within the cavity existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This cavity resonates with electromagnetic waves in the extremely low frequencies of approximately 7.86Hz – 8Hz.

The “ordinary” or beta frequency thought waves created by the human brain range from 14Hz to 40Hz.

When the two hemispheres of our brain are synchronized with each other at 8Hz, they work more harmoniously and with a maximum flow of information.

On the musical scale where A has a frequency of 440Hz, the note C is at about 261.656 Hz. On the other hand, if we take 8Hz as our starting point and work upwards by five octaves we reach a frequency of 256Hz in whose scale the note A has a frequency of 432Hz.

According to the harmonic principle by which any produced sound automatically resonates all the other multiples of that frequency, when we play C at 256 Hz, the C of all other octaves also begins to vibrate in “sympathy” and so, naturally, the frequency of 8Hz is also sounded. This is why (together with many other mathematical reasons) the musical pitch tuned to 432 oscillations per second is known as the “scientific tuning.”

This tuning was unanimously approved at the Congress of Italian musicians in 1881 and recommended by the physicists Joseph Sauveur and Felix Savart as well as by the Italian scientist Bartolomeo Grassi Landi.

In contrast, the frequency chosen in London in 1953 as the worldwide reference frequency and which all music today has been tuned to, has come to be defined as ‘disharmonic’ because it has no scientific relationship to the physical laws that govern our universe.

Playing and listening to music that has been tuned to 432Hz makes your body, and the organic world which surrounds it, resonate in a natural way.

More info on 432, and related numbers, gathered from various references:

Bob Marley, along with Jimi Hendrix tuned their instruments to the 432 frequency (Pythagorean tuning in A Major).

432 = 144 x 3. 144 is a fractal of the 144,000:

“ And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.” Rev. 14:1-3


In The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space, Joseph Campbell discusses the similarity between the Babylonian and Genesis flood stories. In the Babylonian story, there were ten kings who lived very long lives from the creation to the time of the flood — a period of time given as 432,000 years. Zecharia Sitchin reckons the time frame to be 445,000 years ago, with the flood pegged at 13,000 years ago.

In the Biblical account, there were ten patriarchs between Adam and Noah, who also lived long lives. The total years — adjusting for the massive overlap in their lives, add up to 1,656. In that number of years, there are 86,400 weeks, or exactly twice 43,200. Curiously, the number of seconds in a 24 hour day is 86,400.

To reconcile taking half of 86,400 to obtain 43,200, one should note the ancient tradition of seeing a cycle as one half waning and one half waxing (as in the lunar cycle). The day thus has 24 hours, or 2 sets of 12 hours — 12 hours of a waxing sun, followed by 12 hours of a waning sun. 12 is, in fact, considered the celestial holy number (7 being the down-to-earth holy number). Additionally, in Revelation 12, the woman with child has a crown of 12 stars. The New Jerusalem has 12 gates, angels and pearls. And the symbol of the Heart chakra is a 12-petal lotus flower. John Mitchell, author of City Of Revelation, shows a diagram of the New Jerusalem Plan, based on St. John’s vision. It has 12 circles in a ring, with a 12-pointed star inside, formed by four overlapping triangles. (The Zodiac is often depicted in a similar way). If you take the circles to be 360 degrees each, and multiplies by the number of circles, the total equals 4,320.

Campbell points out a number of other strange things about the numbers. Viking eddas were found in Iceland that told the story of the Day of Ragnorook, the Doomsday of the Gods. At that time, 800 Divine Warriors were to come out of each of the 540 Doors of Valhalla. And as it turns out, 800 x 540 = 432,000.
The Kali-Yuga time cycle of the Eastern religions, is also 432,000 years, while the other three ages of the Grand Cycle are multiples of 432,000 years — with the total of all four cycles being 4,320,000 years.

The earth’s axis wobble that causes the precession of the equinoxes is given as 25,920 years. Divided by the ancient “soss”, 60, which was used in calculations, results in 432. The 60 is also relevant as the ratio of the distance to the Moon from Earth and Earth’s radius, the number of seconds in a minute, and minutes in an hour, and half the hundred and twenty years of man [Genesis 6:3].

sri yantraA manufacturer of golf balls once did a test to find the ideal number of dimples to put on golf balls. It turned out that balls with 432 dimples went farther than the rest.
432 is also a fundamental part of a Gematrian numbering system, that seems to be based on adding the number 36. Two of the resulting numbers are 1656 and 25920. Others are 144 or 144,000, and 1260, which also appear in Revelation. Each number had a meaning. 432, for example, means, “Consecration”.

Some believe these numbers were placed in the Bible to transmit messages across time itself. Carl Munck has shown that these numbers were part of a very ancient system for positioning ancient sites around the world. James Furia has shown that the musical scale is also related, i.e. the centering note is “A” at 432 cps, rather than the standard 440.
It goes on and on… And of course, every single one of the numbers reduces to 9…

432: 4 + 3 + 2 = 9.

According to the Telektnonon prophecy, this one unified mission is based on the ultimate resurrection of Earth and the evolutionary redemption of the human being.

Redemption is “sounded” when the lost chord is struck within each of our beings. What is called “redemption” means to cease to be oblivious to what is really going on and to re-member or re-collect. This is the meaning of UR = Universal Recollection.

It is proposed that the King’s Chamber actually has a reference pitch of A=432 Hz. It is also proposed that the smaller pyramids will resonate at 108 Hz, 216 Hz, 432 Hz and so on to achieve higher octaves. These are all key numbers in the synchronic order.

108 = Frequency of galactic Mayan Mind Transmission

The terrestrial resurrection was to be the final episode in an interplanetary drama rooted in the destruction of Maldek, the original garden of Eden (the karma of which was transferred to Mars). The destruction was caused by a low frequency beam that wiped out the memory of the higher frequencies.

When this occurred the memory of the lost chord was stored in the orbital cycles of the third, fourth and fifth orbits. These memories are the foundation of many myths and legends.

To break the spell of amnesia, help recover the lost chord and prepare for a new beam, a remedy of fourth-dimensional codes were prepared to be time-released on Earth (Velatropa 24.3) and accessed through the 13:28 matrix. Note these numbers 243 are the same numbers as 432 rearranged. 432 is also a fractal of the 432,000,000 cycle of Brahma in the Hindu tradition.

In the system of the Synchronotron, Cube 432 is a master time lens and guards the mind teachings of the Buddha, archetype of the Enlightened One. 432 is located in the 9th time dimension, inner core time and is the hinge into the 9 Stations of the Ark. 4 + 3 + 2 = 9.

The 9 Stations of the Ark represent the synthesis of prophets, seers, sages who have evolved and been guarding the center treasure of the Inner Cube which is now beginning to release its treasures (new song) with the new incoming beam of consciousness.

As this new beam enters our consciousness via the Sun, it resurrects our sixth sense, activating our pineal gland and allowing us to regain our long dormant paranormal powers. But we must be open and receptive.

This sixth sense is made conscious through the workings of the holomind perceiver—the seventh mental sphere, the final revelation in the prophecy of Pacal Votan (see CHC Book the Cube).

The 13:28 matrix is the doorway into this vast new realm of the holomind perceiver.

For those studying the Synchronotron note that the sum of the natural sound frequency and the natural time frequency: 432 + 1320 = 1752. This reduces to Base Matrix 429. 429 = 13 x 33. Temple 13 is where the tomb of the Red Queen is and 33 is the number of the Initiate = Serpent Initiate. 432 backwards is 234, White Cosmic Wizard, is the galactic signature of Carl Jung who coined the word “synchronicity” in 1952, the year that the tomb of Pacal Votan was discovered.

432 + 234 = 666

Some info about 666:

Although the number 666 has been demonized somewhat, it’s true significance if one does the historical research is fascinating:

666 = Number of the Sun

The number 666 has 12 divisors {1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18, 37, 74, 111, 222, 333, 666}.

Sun (in mythologies: Christ, Buddha, Balder, Horus, Bacchus, Dyonisos, Attis, Mithra,…) has 12 disciples, or 12 signs of zodiac. Sun passes through 12 constellations on the ecliptic belt.

Hebrew word “Aryeh” or “lion”: Aryeh = aleph + resh + yod + heh = 1 + 200 + 10 + 5 = 216 or 6 x 6 x 6. The lion in all mythologies and all religions symbolizes the Sun, the true “god” of the solar system.

Carbon (CO2) which is the chemical basis of all physical life on Earth has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The shape of carbon molecules points to hexagram, the symbol of unity.

The perfect cube (6 X 6 X 6) is perfect ashlar of Freemasonry and Philosophers Stone.

Number 216 or 6 x 6 x 6 is also produced of 3 x 3 x 3 + 4 x 4 x 4 + 5 x 5 x 5, the cubical number of perfect Pythagorean triangle c2 = a2 + b2. These ratios of 3:4:5 is ancient Egyptian symbol for Trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus.

Serpent (TITh)= 419

Lion (ARIH)= 216

+ 31 (AL – the God associated to Chesed and the Key to Crowley’s Liber AL) = 666. Trinity of Serpent (female-energy), Lion (male-movement) and Son (neutral-individual life).

6th sphere is Tiphareth which is Hebrew word for Sun. Sun is in the center of solar system.

In magickal square (kamea) of the Sun, all numbers are added in any direction to produce the sum of 111, and since there is 6 columns and lines, 111 x 6 = 666.

Some info about 9 (parts from Library of Halexandria website):

Reminder: 432: 4 + 3 + 2 = 9

booklet-waters-yinOf all the single digit numbers, nine (9) may be the most profound. Composed of three trinities (3 times 3 equals 9), nine represents the principles of the sacred Triad taken to their utmost expression. The Chaldeans believed 9 to be sacred, and kept it apart in their numerology from the other numbers. Nine has been and in some cases still is considered thrice sacred and represents perfection, balance, order — in effect, the supreme superlative.

In numerology, the positive characteristics of nine are selflessness, fulfillment, completion, universality, universal understanding, interrelatedness, compassion, idealism tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, benevolence, humanitarianism, emotionalism, and justice. Nine is also associated with accomplished artists and thinkers who are inspired by universal truths.

In the base 10 system, where all numbers are represented by ten distinct forms (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), nine is the final number. As such, it becomes a limit, a bound, or the ultimate attainment. The Greeks called “nine” the horizon, where the Ennead, or the nothing/void lay beyond. Expressions such as “a cat has nine lives”, a “cat-o’-nine-tails”, “the whole nine yards”, “cloud nine”, “dressed to the nines”, “a stitch in time saves nine”, and “possession is nine point (or nine-tenths) of the law” are all variations of the concept of the ninth level being the nth degree, the highest level, or the maximum possibility.

Ancient and modern traditions are replete with ninefold symbolism. The Norse God Odin, ruler of the 9 Norse worlds, hung 9 days on the world axis or Yggdrasil tree to win the secrets of wisdom for mankind. In Scandinavia, 9 day fertility feasts were held every 9 years. There were 9 Norse giantesses, who strode 9 paces at a time and lived at the edge of the sea and land. The city of Troy in Homer’s Iliad and Oddessey was besieged for 9 years, while Odysseus wandered for 9 more years in trying to return home. The Greek goddess, Demeter, was depicted with 9 ears of wheat and searched 9 days for her daughter Persephone. The birth of Apollo and Artemis by Leto took 9 days and nights (Artemis becoming the midwife in the process and later choosing two 9-year old girls as her companions). The Greeks also honored 9 muses, while the Egyptians honored a company of 9 “gods” or neteru. Egyptian pharaohs, meanwhile, were often symbolized by 9 bows. Celtic traditions talk of 9 Celtic maidens and 9 virgins attending Bridget, while the sacred Beltane fire rites were attended by a cycle of 9 groups of 9 men. Aztec, Mayan, and Native American myths describe 9 cosmic levels (four above, earth, and four below). As the most auspicious number of celestial power in ancient Chinese, 9 became the rule in 9 great social laws, 9 classes of officials, 9 sacred rites, and 9-story pagodas. The festival of the “double yang” was held on the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month. In Christian symbolism, there are 9 orders of angelic choirs in 9 circles of heaven and 9 orders of devils within 9 rings of hell — possibly accounting for the fact that it took 9 days for Lucifer and his angels to fall from heaven. And speaking of fallen angels and/or hell, there are 9 justices of the United States Supreme Court.

There were 9 Gods of the Sabines (an ancient tribe of Italy): Aeneas, Bacchus, Esculapius, Fides, Fortuna, Hercules, Romulus, Santa, and Vesta. Medieval theology listed 9 orders of Angels, i.e., Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels; 9 Stones: Sapphire, Emerald, Carbuncle, Beryl, Onyx, Chrysolite, Jasper, Topaz, and Sardis; and 9 Beatitudes. In heraldry, there are 9 accepted places on the shield that signify the heralidic arms. There are even 9 Worthies, famous individuals comparable to the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: Alexander (the Great), Hector, Julius Caesar, Joshua, David, Judas Maccabaeus, King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Godfrey of Bouillon. There are even 9 magnitudes of the Richter Earthquake Scale.

According to one source, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535) has described the Number 9 by noting that it is dedicated to the Muses. Considering the nine movable spheres (the planets of antiquity), and the nine Muses — Calliope, Urania, Polymnia, Terpsichore, Clio, Melpomene, Erato, Euterpe, Thalia — Agrippa considered which nine Muses were appropriated to the nine Spheres. He did this by noting that the first resembles the supreme Sphere (the Primum mobile), and descending in order to the Sphere of the Moon, he determined that Calliope is appropriated to the Primum mobile; Urania to the Starry Heaven, Polymnia to Saturn, Terpsichore, to Jupiter, Cleo to Mars, Melpomene to the Sun, Erato to Venus, Euterpe to Mercury, and Thalia to the Moon.

Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies, after which he died. To this day, a superstition among many musical composers forbids the numbering of a symphony past the number 9. Mahler wrote more symphonies, but never named any one of them, number 9. Equally superstitious, Baseball has 9 innings and 9 players (often playing at 9-figure salaries — if we include the decimals), and figures the “bottom of the 9th” to be the last chance to win.

On a higher level, Abraham was 99 when the Lord spoke to him, Islam acknowledges the 99 Beautiful Names of God, and “amen” (from the Hebrew “so be it”) transforms in the Greek alphabet into the number 99. And if you want to get thoroughly mathematical…

The 3 by 3 Magic Square is revered in the cultures of Islam, Jains 4 9 2 of India, Tibetan Buddhism, Celts, African, Shamanic, and Jewish 3 5 7 mysticism. In this arrangement, the three columns, three rows and 8 1 6 two diagonals always add up to fifteen. In Feng Shui the numbers within each cell of the magic square have specific significance for working with the earth’s subtle creative energies for the good of society and the environment.

Degrees in a Circle:

There are 360 “degrees” in a circle. Which is a puzzlement. Why 350? “Degree” is nothing more than a measurement of arc which is determined by the first statement. More precisely, a degree can be thought of as being defined to be an arc whose length is 1/360th of a circle. Clearly, the circle could just have easily been divided into 100 units or 1000 units.

Obviously 360 degrees approximates the number of days in an Earth year, 365.24. There is, of course, the minor inconvenience of there being 5.24 extra days for which there are no corresponding degrees. This accounts for the need of leap years every four years — except for century marks which are not divisible by 400 (i.e. 2000 was a leap year, 1900 was not). There is also evidence to support the contention that prior to 1500 B.C.E., the number of days in the year was very nearly 360.

Brian Stokes of New Zealand has noted that “the Babylonian counting system was based on the number 60, which was almost certainly chosen because it was the lowest number to have 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as factors (you need to get to 420 to get 7, and 60 also has as factors 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30).” He has also noted that “the relationship with days in the year was much more clearly stated by the Maya who had a five-day festival to make up the days to 365. In fact their whole counting system was based on 20, which should have gone from 20 to 20×20, 20x20x20, etc. but actually went from 20, to 20×18 (= 360) and then powers of 20 again – 360×20, 360x20x20, and so on.

A more interesting possibility is that 360 can be equally divided (with the quotient being a whole integer) by 10 of the first 12 numbers (whereas 100, for example, can only be equally divided by 5 of the first 12 numbers).

The mile, like the degree, is an arbitrary unit of measurement. You might think that there are 5,280 feet in a mile (or 8 furlongs), but then this just defines the mile on the basis of another arbitrary unit of measurement. Ultimately, we may find it far more enlightening to turn the point around and state that the mile is defined on the basis of the Earth’s diameter, and thus the diameter of the Earth is 7,920 of these “mile” units of length measurement. With the mile thus defined, we can note the curious fact of the Earth’s diameter being equal to 8x9x10x11 miles as fairly ho-hum.

Again, Brian Stokes has suggested that the mile is not totally arbitrary, noting that “the foot is exactly 5/7 of the Biblical cubit and there are ancient measurements in Jerusalem which equate precisely to the mile.” However, the converse argument is that the cubit may have been derived from the mile, the latter which was derived by their being 8x9x10x11 miles in the Earth’s mean diameter.

Also, Brian has noted that, “The more recent metric system is actually based on the polar circumference (40 million meters, actually 40,008,600 — or an error of one in 5000). If we take a circumference of one rod, pole or perch — 5.5 yards — the diameter is 63 inches. Multiply this by 25 million and you get 24,857.95 miles, against the actual polar circumference of 24,860.2, an error of one in 10,000 — better than metric. Was this known or is it co-incidence?

We might also note that 7920 is just 7200 plus 720. Alternatively, 720 times 11 is 7200 + 720 = 7920. 720 is also 6 (i.e. 6x5x4x3x2x1). Meanwhile 720 is exactly twice 360. (And everything in sight reduces to 9) This leads us to consider the radius of the Earth, which is half the diameter of the Earth and equals 3960 miles. Obviously, we can note that 3960 = 3600 + 360, or 360 times 11 (or 6!-2!). But let’s return to our number of 5040, derived from either 7x8x9x10 or 1x2x3x4x5x6x7, or even 10! – 6!. 5,040 miles less the Earth’s radius (3,960 miles) equals 1,080 miles. Amazingly, the radius of the moon is 1,080 miles.

*The period of time (years) for a complete revolution of the precession of the Earth’s axis. + 720 is the number of degrees in an electron’s “full circuit” i.e. for an electron, 360 is not a full circle, 720 is.

Any product or three or more whole numbers in sequence will reduce to a 3, 6, or 9. If one of the numbers in the sequence reduces to 9, the sequence will always reduce to 9. Any product of six or more whole numbers in sequence will reduce to a 9 (inasmuch as in any sequence of six, there is always two numbers which reduce to 3, 6, or 9).

Note that the mile is already defined by the Earth’s dimension, and the fact that the Moon connects into the Earth in such a way is fascinating.

According to John Martineau, we note that the relationship between the Earth and Moon can be derived by forming a 3-4-5 right triangle (the shape of a right triangle where all three sides are the three lowest whole integers — i.e. according to the Pythagorean Theorem, 32 + 42 = 52). If we then place the Moon within a square whose side is three, and add two 3-4-5 right triangles on either side, we obtain a side of 11 (3+4+4). The Earth fits into a square with a side of 11 with over a 99.9% accuracy. Another way of saying this is that the Moon’s radius is 360 times 3 and the Earth’s radius is 360 times 11. Thus the ratio of their radii equals 11/3 exactly. In this way the Earth squares the circle of the Moon.

The profound implication of all of this is that the Moon is mathematically sized to the Earth, the choice of 360 degrees in a circle is not arbitrary, and if we multiply the radius of the Earth (3,960 miles) by 60 (the result of multiplying the sides of the 3-4-5 triangle, and a nice complement to 360 degrees) we obtain 237,600 miles.

The lunar orbit is not perfectly circular such that the Moon varies in its distance from the Earth, ranging from 221,460 miles (perigee — closest point of approach) to 252,700 miles (apogee). The average is 237,080 miles. This represents an error of approximately 0.218855%. Inasmuch as the Moon is very slowly moving away from the Earth, it’s only a matter of time before its average distance is exactly 60 times the radius of the Earth (or 30 times the diameter).

Finally, we might also add that the angular diameter of the Moon (which varies from 29’ 22” to 33’ 31”) is effectively the same as the Sun — a fact which accounts for solar eclipses as viewed by Earth being so limited in their duration and location on the surface of the globe.

Furthermore. If we draw a circle representing the Moon and place it tangent to a circle drawn to scale of the Earth, we find that a circle whose center is the center of the Earth’s circle and whose circumference passes through the center of the Moon’s circle will have a circumference approximately equal to four times the diameter of the Earth.
The eight 135 degree corner angles of an octagon add to 1,080, the radius of the Moon in miles.

Crop CirclesJohn Martineau, in his book entitled A Little Book of Coincidence (where the word “coincidence” means “co-in-siding” — congruent, synchronistic, or simultaneous), shows that the bodies of the solar system and their orbits are related to each other more or less precisely by a series of basic geometrical figures. For example, if we take an equilateral five-pointed star, sized such that the Earth’s orbit is drawn touching the points, then a circle drawn touching the intersections of the lines connecting the points of the star will, to scale, approximate Mercury’s orbit (to within 99% accuracy). The same effect results when an equilateral 30-pointed star is used to relate Saturn’s orbit to that of Earth’s.

Martineau goes on to show that all of the planets of our Solar System are related to allof the other planets by simple geometrical relationships. What is absolutely astounding, however, is the fact that the 5- and 30- pointed stars used to connect Earth’s orbit with that of Mercury’s and Saturn’s, respectively, can also connect, in the same way, the relative physical sizes of the three planets.

This incredible “coincidence” only occurs when Earth is compared to either Mercury or Saturn (although, obviously, a five pointed star inside the 30-pointed star would connect Mercury and Saturn in this dual manner). If we note that Mercury and Saturn are the innermost and outermost of the 9 medieval planets (the Sun and Moon were included as planets in medieval times), one might begin to suspect that within this Solar System of 9 planets, Earth is special or unique…

Note that the five-pointed star and its component parts are intimately related to f, the Golden Mean briefly mentioned above. Meanwhile, the 30-pointed star connecting Earth and Saturn is obviously related to the 360 degree circle, the 60 multiple of Earth radius and Moon distance, and is very nearly the orbital period of Saturn in Earth years (actually 29.457 (9!) Earth years).

There are also thirty precise divisions in Stonehenge’s outer trilithon circle, and the physical sizes of the Moon, Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter can be determined by relative sizing of the Earth to one or two of Stonehenge’s circles (see A Little Book of Coincidence).

With respect to the five-pointed star and internal regular pentagon, one might note that the internal angles of the pentagon is 108 degrees (3×36), and that 1,080 (3×360) has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 27, 30, 36, 40, 45, 54, 50, 72, and many other numbers as factors (i.e. their quotients are integers). And obviously 1080, 3960, 5040, 7920… all reduce to 9. Slowly we are beginning to see why geometry means “earth measure”.

Also note that the planets Venus and Mars have an interesting relationship, one that is related to the Earth-Moon connection. The ratio of the perigee of Venus-Mars (when both planets are nearest each other — on the same side of the Sun and with Mars at its closest point to the Sun) to the apogee of Venus-Mars (when both planets are furthest from each other — on opposite sides of the Sun and Mars at its furthest point from the Sun) is 3:11 — the same as the ratio of radii of the Moon and Earth.

It should be mentioned that Venus is an exceptional planet, both in its relationship to Earth and in its own right. The geometries between Earth and Venus, which John Martineau has so brilliantly highlighted, include a circle inscribed in a square inscribed in a circle (within 99.9% accuracy), a pentagon or five-pointed star connection, a double five-pointed star, eight circles (or “halos”), and has a mass of 0.81 that of Earth (9!).

[Incidentally, the mass of the Earth is approximately 81 times that of the Moon.]

The uniqueness of Venus, on the other hand, includes the fact that it is the only planet (or god/goddess) whose “birth” is described in the ancient texts, has the most nearly circular orbit of all the planets (suggesting it’s the newest?) the only planet which has a retrograde motion (turns on its axis in an opposite direction to every other planet and the vast majority of moons in the Solar System), its axis is very nearly perpendicular to the plane of its orbit.

Alex B. Geddes has noted the circular radii of the planets have an intriguing symmetry, including Venus/Neptune = 1.204 Mercury/Uranus; Mercury/Saturn = 1.208 Earth/ Neptune; and Earth/Jupiter = 1.206 Mars/Saturn. Also, Earth/Venus = 2.872 Mars/ Mercury; and Jupiter/Saturn = 2.876 Neptune/Uranus (which approximates e = 2.718…).

Finally, Mercury times Earth divided by (Venus times Mars) = 1.001 Jupiter times Uranus divided by (Saturn times Neptune). Notice how the 1st and 3rd planet from the sun, divided by the 2nd and 4th, equals approximately the 5th and 7th divided by the 6th and 8th — odds over evens.

Let us now return to Earth and note the fact that it is tilted… the angle of tilt (which is primarily responsible for the seasons) equals 23 degrees 27 minutes and 8.26 seconds. Approximately. The decimal equivalent (to the last significant decimal place consistent with the accuracy of + or – 0.01 seconds or arc) is: 23.45229… degrees. Obviously, this angle reduces to… 9.

Also, the axis of the Earth points to Polaris, the North Star. But this is not consistent. There is something called the Precession of the Axes, where because of the Earth’s tilt (23.45229… degrees), the Earth’s axis very slowly rotates and carves a circle in the Northern skies. On this circle lie Polaris, Alpha Draconis and Vega — the three Pole Stars which dominate different eras. The period of time for the Precession of the Axes is 25,920 years. This is a long time, and represents a number which reduces to 9. And each astrological age (of which there are twelve — with us progressing from Pisces to Aquarius) lasts for 2,160 (9!) years. If we divide 2,160 by 3 (number of pole stars), we get 720/9.

Crop Circle
Crop Circle

If we look further into long periods of time, we can recall theYugas from the Hindu Tradition, where the “Four-Fold Golden Age Yuga” lasts some 1,728,000 years, the “Three-Fold Age of Knowledge Yuga” lasts 1,296,000 years, the “Two-Fold Age of Sacrifice Yuga” lasts 864,000 years; and the “Age of Discord Yuga” (the Kali Yuga) lasts 432,000 years. The sum total is 4,320,000 years. And all reduce to 9… furthermore, the geologic record has shown a mass extinction of species, which occurs roughly every 25.92 (9!) million years.

More recently, in 1996 for example, there were dozens of crop circle formations appearing in Southern England (basically southwest of London). Their locations were typical of previous years and included Stonehenge, Windmill Hill (near Avebury), Oliver’s Castle, Roundway and Roundway Ridge, Etchilhampton, Liddington Castle, Alton Barnes, and Ashbury. The curious thing is that when these particular 9 crop circle locations were connected on a map, all of the angles and distances (within the accuracy of the map) reduced to 9. This amounts to at least 36 measures of angles and distances between the formations. Furthermore, two of the really unusual formations included glyphs — shapes which were carved into equilateral triangles measuring 56.7 (9) feet on a side. Associated with these glyphs were teardrop shaped formations which were each 27 feet in length, subtending an angle of 36 degrees, and offset from the centerline of the equilateral triangles by 13.5 degrees (all 9’s).